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Why Customers Love Sully & Spruce

Here at Sully & Spruce, we always appreciate the support our customers show us. We are a professional house cleaning, office cleaning, organization and decluttering company based in Snohomish County.

Over the years, we've garnished many 5 star reviews on Google. Read some of them here!

We have had many different house cleaners for the past 14 years (and we've had 4 kids and 3 dogs for many of those years). Sully and Spruce is BY FAR the best house cleaning company we have used (I think we have used 4 other companies in the past). We have had Sully and Spruce clean for us weekly for the past year and they have great communication, are professional, are on-time every week, and they are incredibly efficient and leave our house spotless. We like that they use safe cleaning products and that they come in a team of 2, so they can get the job done quickly. We have been so pleased with their work. It has been a great experience working with them!

- Lisa Beneson

When I was away on vacation, I had contacted Sully & Spruce to come and clean my house before I got back (so I did not have to deal with it after 2 weeks away) I spoke with Alyssa and she was friendly and responded to my messages quickly. Her team did an amazing job and I love that they use all non-toxic products! I would definitely use Sully & Spruce again and recommend them to my friends for their house cleaning needs!

- Nadine Leach

We've had regularly scheduled cleaning service from Sully & Spruce for several years, and they've always done a good job. Sierra and Adeline did an especially good job on our last service--very detailed and thorough. All the staff are accommodating of our needs (dog friendly, WFH, ongoing home improvement projects, etc.). Great communication, too--we're told who is coming and an estimated arrival time. If there are any scheduling issues, we're told in advance and they make arrangements to do our service as soon as possible. Very professional.

- Rebecca P

I’ve used Sully & Spruce for bi monthly cleaning for years now! Alyssa, the owner, has always been really responsive and communicative! The ladies that come to my home have always been so friendly, punctual and get the job done! (And the few times I’ve noticed something that didn’t meet my expectations, one text to Alyssa and she got it resolved!)

They’re very clear with setting expectations of “how” they clean and what products they use, which I really appreciate since I have 3 kids and 2 pets and lean towards as little chemicals as possible!

- Stefanie O'Neal

The Sully & Spruce team was absolutely amazing. They were so professional, kind, and did such an amazing job with the deep clean of my home. They dusted, scrubbed, and cleaned EVERYTHING - it's so beautiful! Alyssa was great to communicate with, and I definitely plan to use them again!

- Kira Newman

Sully and Spruce have been a game changer for me! Their staff is professional, friendly and do a fantastic job. Alyssa (the owner) and her crew not only work with my schedule, they take care to not waste my time, and ensure that I am happy with the service I receive. I love this company!

- Leslie Lehmann

Starting a cleaning service during COVID while having cancer was a bit terrifying. Alyssa at Sully and Spruce helped put me at ease and the women that came to clean kept their distance, wore masks and gloves and used natural cleaning products. We have been very happy with the service they have provided us.

- Masina Johnston

We had two wonderful ladies come into our home to deep clean our split level. As parents of two little ones, deep cleaning is not something we always have time/energy to do ourselves. They cleaned all three bathrooms to shiny perfection and dusted all our blinds. They scrubbed days-old food stains from under the high chair and so much more! The owner even stopped by to bring us fresh tulips, it was so thoughtful. Can’t wait to have them back next month!

- Caitlin Hitchner

S&S is an excellent cleaning service. Alyssa was wonderful with her consult and brought in a fantastic cleaning team. My place was spotless, smelled fresh and feels amazing. Highly recommend!

- Jinah Williamson

This was the first time that we used this cleaning service. My husband and I have been working a lot of overtime and we have small kids so we really have been stressed with housework. They did a great job and we look forward to using them regularly. We are so happy we made this decision! Definitely recommend.

- Tasha Anderson (ForWrittenBlogsOnly)

If you are a homeowner or business owner in the Snohomish County area, we look forward to serving you! Simply give us a call today at (425) 967-3231, our experts will be happy to help you!

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