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Move out/in Cleaning with Sully & Spruce

Why choose Sully & Spruce for Move out/in Cleaning

Ease your move with our Move out/in Cleaning service, turning new beginnings into spotless adventures.

Seamless Transition, Immaculate Impressions

Moving out? Leave behind a legacy of cleanliness that sets the bar. Moving in? Step into a space that’s as welcoming as a warm embrace, free of the previous tenant’s love for glitter and takeout. Our Move out/in Cleaning service is thorough, covering everything from the hidden corners that haven’t seen daylight in years to the high-touch surfaces that tell tales of past celebrations. It’s a full-circle moment, ensuring that every nook and cranny is honored with a goodbye or greeted with a hello.

Your Move, Our Mission

We understand that moving is more than just relocating items; it’s transporting your life. Our mission is to lighten that load, making the cleaning part a breeze. We tackle the dirt and dust, so you can focus on the dreams and destinations. With our Move out/in Cleaning service, you’re not just moving houses; you’re moving forward, with the cleanliness and clarity that pave the way for new memories and milestones.

A Spotless Start to Your Next Chapter

Embarking on a new chapter should be exhilarating, not exhausting. Our cleaning service ensures that your first steps into your new home are on a clean slate—literally. We remove the remnants of the past, setting the stage for your future. It’s about more than just cleaning; it’s about creating a sanctuary that reflects your aspirations and dreams. Let us handle the past’s clutter and the future’s cleanliness, so you can fully embrace the now.

Move out/in Cleaning

Moving is a journey—an exciting yet daunting adventure. Our Move out/in Cleaning service is like your trusty sidekick in this adventure, ensuring that both your old and new domains are nothing short of spotless. Imagine closing one chapter and beginning another, both on the cleanest notes possible. Whether you’re bidding farewell to a cherished space or stepping into a new one, our service guarantees a transition so smooth, it feels like the cleanliness fairy herself has orchestrated it. From scrubbing away years of memories (and grime) to welcoming you into a pristine new abode, we’re here to make sure your move is less about the stress and more about the fresh start.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Home Cleaning Services

Duration Varies · Inquire for pricing

If you're interested in hourly services, we offer a standard rate for general cleaning. Our team will assess the requirements of your space to determine the number of cleaners needed to ensure efficient cleaning. While most jobs can be handled by a single cleaner, certain spaces may require a larger team. Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation tailored to your specific needs.

One Time Deep Clean

Duration Varies • Inquire for pricing

We provide deep cleaning services for homes and offices, with a maximum duration of 8 hours per session. Our skilled team will handle standard cleaning tasks, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas. If you require additional hours for a deep clean following a previous session, we charge an hourly rate per cleaner. The maximum duration for consecutive cleaning sessions is capped at 8 hours. To schedule a one-time clean, please reach out to us. Please note that taxes are applicable to one-time cleaning services as they are not recurring.

Add-On Service List

Duration Varies · Inquire for pricing

These detail jobs are available as an addition to any basic cleaning service:


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